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Street Photographer

Braydon is a native of Santa Barbara, California. He is constantly working toward his ultimate goal of becoming a permanent member of Magnum Photos and he is always looking for new projects and inspiration from which he can help others by way of his photography.
He is a big fan of shooting with film whenever possible. He loves Leica cameras and lenses. He wants nothing more than to share his story and stories of people around the world that show the truth, differences and beauty of what makes this such an incredible world and time to be alive in.
Braydon is always looking for opportunities around the world to work with companies and organizations that wish to build a positive narrative through media and is available for freelance work.
If you are interested in his services, please contact him below.


1993 - Current

Self-taught Photographer

2006 - 2007

UC Berekley Extension Paralegal Program



Honrable Mention, Jewish Federation: Exposed!, Santa Barbara, CA




Jewish Federation Exhibit: Exposed!, Santa Barbara, CA

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