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Of treasure and the sea.

There once was a boy who loved the sea.

He dreamt of adventure and the treasures waiting to be found there. He pointed towards the island where he had heard tales of buried coins, lost long ago and makes his way. Ahead lay many chances for glory and just as many chances for danger, but adventure requires both and armed with a waterproof backpack, a compass and his trusty Timex Expedition watch, he thinks of neither of these things. He only thinks of moving forward.

The rocks and crevasses between him and his finds were no problem for the boy, for he did not see them as obstacles, but as mountains and valleys waiting to be conquered. He hugged the coastline as he zigged and zagged through the jagged terrain.

Often along the way, he would stop to rest and just stare at the passing boats and ships. He wondered where they were going, what they would find and when he would be old enough to go away on one himself, to set sail for more treasures beyond the sunset and the horizon.

Having reached his destination and having braved the beach, the breaks, the relentless rocks and the beating sun, our adventurer crouches proudly on the highest point of the island upon which his treasure rests. Rooting around in the cave for the lost capsule, he is careful not to activate any traps left by the previous "owners".

At last, a coin that has traveled half-way around the world and now sits safely in the hands of a boy that will listen patiently to it's story and carry it further on it's journey. For many months the coin would travel everywhere with the boy, unbeknownst to strangers nearby.

As any great explorer knows, to be remembered is to be known and with that he took his favorite pen, handsomely crafted in the small islands of Japan and simply signed the proof of his plunder: F-O-X.

Soon all will know this name and it will be talked about in ports far and wide.

As our tiny adventurer returns the capsule from where it came, to let those who come after be filled with as much wonderment as he has had the good fortune to find, he takes one last look around at the new places he can cross off his map and the beauty around him.

On his long journey back home, the boy hangs his head and smiles. He smiles because he knows that this has been one of the greatest adventures of his life so far. He smiles because he knows very soon he will make the foolish decision to embark on yet another and he cannot wait. He smiles because he now carries the treasure for which he came to find.

He smiles because he loves the sea.


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