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Welcome to My Blog

Thank you so much for showing up! For any artist, just having people show up is a great feeling indeed.

My name is Braydon Russell and I am a photographer.

This purpose of this blog, just like any other, will be to share my work, my thoughts and my knowledge if and when possible. I will be the first to admit however, that although I have loved writing my whole life, it does not come easy or naturally to me. The words are sometimes there, but focusing those ideas to paper in any coherent way is a constant struggle for me, so please bare that in mind when perusing my ramblings.

If anything, I just want this at all times, to be honest. Honest discussion and communication that goes both ways. I would love to hear from anyone out there reading any of this, at any time and for any reason. I want to grow with you, share with you and create those lasting connections, partnerships and friendships that come with this incredible world of open communication that is now abundantly around us.

I hope that something I say here at some point may make you think, expose you to something you never knew about, stir any kind of feeling in you or in the best of cases, re-spark creativity and passion in you.

I really appreciate any of your valuable time that you spend here with me and I hope to see you again soon.

I love you all.

-Braydon Russell

Me with my favorite camera of all time. The Leica M6.


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